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Pack Size :
96 Well
` 16500/-
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` 13200/-
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Pack Size : 96 Well

Package Kit Components :

  • Microwells coated
  • Standards
  • Control
  • Assay Buffer
  • Enzyme Conjugate
  • Conjugate Diluent
  • Substrate Solution
  • Stop Solution
  • Wash Solution
  • Technical Insert

Usage : The DRG PAPP-A ELISA is an enzyme immunoassay for measurement of Pregnancy associated plasma protein A (PAPP-A) in serum and plasma

Description The DRG PAPP-A ELISA Kit is a solid phase enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) based on the sandwich principle. The microtiter wells are coated with a polyclonal anti PAPP-A antibody. An aliquot of  sample containing endogenous PAPP-A is incubated in the coated well with assay buffer. After incubation the unbound material is washed off. In the second incubation step a sandwich complex is formed with a polyclonal anti PAPP-A antibody peroxidase conjugate. Having added the substrate solution, the intensity of color developed is proportional to the concentration of PAPP-A in the sample.