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Estradiol Elisa Test Kit
Pack Size :
96 Well
` 14500/-
Our Price :
` 9400/-
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Pack Size : 96 Well

Package Kit Components :

  • Microwells coated
  • Estradiol Standards
  • Estradiol Enzyme conjugate Concentrate
  • Assay Diluent
  • TMB Reagent
  • Stop Solution
  • Wash concentrate
  • Technical Insert

Usage : The New life Estradiol (E2) Kit is intended for the quantitative determination of Estradiol (E2) concentration in human serum and plasma..

Description : Estradiol E2 is the most potent natural Estrogen, produced mainly by the ovary placenta, and in smaller amounts by the adrenal cortex, and the male testes, Estradiol is secreted into the blood stream where 98% bound to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Estrogenic activity is effected via estrsdiol-receptor complexes which trigger the appropriate response at the follicles, uterus, breast, vagina, urethra, and hypothalamus, pituitary and to a lesser extent the liver and skin. In non-pregnant women with normal menstrual cycles, estradiol secretion follows a cyclic, biphasic pattern with the highest concentration found immediately prior to ovulation. During pregnancy, maternal serum Estradiol levels increase considerably, to well above the pre-ovulatory peak levels and high Levels are sustained throughout pregnancy.

Serum E2 measurements are a valuable index in evaluating a variety of menstrual dysfunctions such as precocious or delayed puberty in girls and primary and secondary amenorrhea and menopause. Estradiol levels have been reported to be increased in patients with feminizing syndromes gynaecomastia and testicular tumors. In cases of infertility, serum Estradiol measurements are useful for monitoring induction of ovulation following treatment.